About us

Why Patriotwallet.net Institutional Markets?



No two businesses are the same. Unique situations require unique solutions. Our capital commitment capability and risk-management expertise allow us to drive deal processes forward where others cannot.



We work with each client on the most creative, efficient, and risk-appropriate solution for their needs.



Our primary product is client relations. From frequent communication, 24/7 availability, to leveraging our institutional contacts and know-how, we do what it takes to deliver value.

More About Institutional Markets

While Patriotwallet’s wallet brokerage and exchange offerings are sufficient for most user needs, VIP clients may require additional services. Patriotwallet’s Markets team supports our high net worth and institutional clients via a dedicated white glove service desk. We strive to provide the highest level of service with the utmost skill and diligence. Our goal is to assist our clients with the full spectrum of digital asset services that they may require, from simple spot execution and custody of larger trades, to the most complex special situations and structured financing solutions — a completely bespoke service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I open an account with the exchange or OTC desk?

For most users, the exchange is the fastest, easiest and most efficient way to purchase cryptocurrency. Once an account has been opened and a deposit made, buying and selling crypto is straightforward on the platform. Purchased assets may remain on deposit in the exchange where they are secured in our proprietary custody system, or may be withdrawn to any other destination address of your choosing. (More information and a fast onboarding experience. Can be found by submitting an enquiry form here – patriotwallet.net/contact-us). The exchange also offers API connectivity for those clients looking for electronic trading venues. The exchange allows clients access to 35+ liquid crypto and fiat pairs including crosses against USD ($), EUR (€), GBP (£) and Turkish Lira (₺), and is designed to enable clients to trade smaller amounts quickly with minimal price slippage.

If you are an institution or accredited/sophisticated investor, anticipate regularly trading more than $200,000 worth of crypto per trade, and are likely to require additional services such as OTC borrowing and lending, OTC options trading, structured solutions, or illiquid digital asset trading, then Blockchain Markets coverage is appropriate. Our OTC desk is designated for larger size trades typically greater than $200k and we recommend using this to reduce price slippage on larger orders.

How to get started?

Institutional onboarding is straightforward: after submitting an enquiry form at patriotwallet.net/contact-us you can expect to hear back within 24 hours. You will then need to simply fill in an online KYC form and attach standard corporate documentation.

Each client is assigned a dedicated account manager to guide them through the onboarding process and assist with any questions they may have. Our specialists are here every step of the way, and can communicate through your preferred channel.

Can patriotwallet hold my digital assets?

Custody services available range from simply maintaining a highly secure on-exchange account balance to highly bespoke offerings.

We offer multiple tiers of storage from accessible hot wallets to fully legally segregated air-gapped single address cold storage. Higher levels of security typically include a tradeoff of slower accessibility given the more intensive operational protocols required.

Patriotwallet’s custody services run on proprietary internal systems. We employ military grade encryption technology, multi-signature gating protocols, hardware security modules and other techniques to ensure maximum protection of held assets. Critical hardware is located in highly secure facilities and subject to constant monitoring. Our systems are designed to withstand attacks ranging from natural disasters to cyber threats to compromise of key personnel and everything in between.

What services does patriotwallet offer?

Our markets team offers execution, custody, lending, and bespoke structured products including OTC derivatives and asset based financing. Where appropriate, we have significant risk taking capability utilizing our own balance sheet in addition to accessing digital asset liquidity pools globally.

How do we promote safety and security?

Patriotwallet takes security extremely seriously and has numerous protocols to protect the integrity of our systems, data, and digital asset holdings. We are vigilant against the threat of both external and internal attacks and deploy industry best practices to mitigate potential exposures.